You're No Hero

Nope. You're no Hero. In business, your customer is.

They'll use your product and/or service and they'll benefit from it. But... they’ll tell everyone THEIR story of how THEY did it. How THEY succeeded. How THEY found a way.

You may be part of their story, a BIG part of it, but you’re just the supporting cast. And that's the way it should be in business. That is, if you want to be successful. .................... Actually, what I just said is not entirely true. It IS possible for you to be the main character to a customer's story.

Provide a poor experience or sell a faulty product, and yes, the customer will tell a story with YOU as the main character. But not as the hero. As the VILLAIN!

They'll tell others how YOU and/or your business, failed them.


Oh, and just to be absolutely clear, customers don’t actually create stories with you as the villain. You do. Your business does. Your workers do. Customers just tell (and retell, and retell, and retell....) the story with you as the villain. .................... Make your customers the hero.

Be comfortable with being the supporting cast.

Don't be a villain.

In Business, you're not the hero. Your Customers are.
Not the Hero

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