What makes you, your product, your services, your business... different?

I ask this a lot. Because it’s THAT important to your business and/or your career. The question: “WHY YOU?”

For starters, what words do you use to describe your product, service... YOU?

Words like, “quality,” “customer service,” “hard worker,” “reliable,” “In business since 1998,” ....?

Yawn. Totally uninspiring.

Wait. Aren't those the same words your competitors use. Why copy them? You want to be different than them not the same as them.

Consider words like, “insanely great,” “wildly brilliant,” “obsessively beautiful,” “remarkable,” “radical....”

Start with words. Words you believe to be true. Words that would inspire you. Words that move people... emotionally. Then create a customer experience or a YOU experience that matches them.

Experiences that move people to want to do business with you.

Experiences that move people to want to hire you (or promote you).

Start today! Look at your marketing, your products/services description. Look at your resume. Edit. Edit. And then Edit again until you have a remarkably inspiring story/description.

Words that answer the question: WHY YOU?

Do the UnThinQable. Be different!

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