Two Stories

Story One:

I was waiting in line behind this elderly woman who was stressed because she couldn’t download her app to get a free ice cream. The cashier told her she’d be on break in five minutes and would be glad to help her. I ordered, sat down, and just happened to be in the vicinity of the lady.

Five minutes later, the cashier sits next to her, asks for her phone, downloads the app, asks a few questions, writes down the code, asks what flavor ice cream, gets up, comes back five minutes later... hands an ice cream cone to the lady. Lady is ecstatic. Cashier told her she has to get back to work. Her “break” was over.

Story Two: Went to a coffee shop. Ordered my drink. Cashier took my money. Removed a cup from the stack for my drink. Her four fingers were in the cup. I asked her for another cup and explained why. She told me her hands were clean. I told her they couldn’t be.

I explained to her that prior to taking my order, I saw she was cleaning the counter with a semi-dirty towel, then input my order into the POS system, took the money I handed to her, input the transaction on the POS system, then handled my cup. There was no “washing of hands” between the transaction and handling my cup. I also pointed out that I didn’t know how many transactions she did since the last time she washed her hands.

With a sigh, she “flipped” the cup into the trash and took a new cup from the stack holding it up in the air to show me she was handling it without her fingers in it. She never said a word. I won’t be going back anytime soon.

How important is hiring the right person? I’d say pretty important.

Don't get hung up on hiring someone based on potential. It's easy to confuse who they are and their skills with what you think you could make them. Thinking your "training" will make them better... is not going to happen.

When interviewing, always look and listen for what's important to the person, who they are, what they care about. That's music you want to listen to.

Throughout the interview... listen. Are ethics important? Do they have a concern for others? Family? Charities? etc...

Hire "story one" people and train them. Pass on "story two" people and don't waste your time, money and efforts on them because no matter what skills you'll teach them, you won't change who they are. And if you let these people engage with your customers, their actions will tell the story of who YOU and YOUR BUSINESS are. Because, after all... you hired them.

Change Your ThinQinG... Start Now... Be the Difference!

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