Two... Only Two.

Time is our Greatest Competitive Advantage

Want to be good… I mean GREAT at something? Business? Relationships? Playing an instrument? [Insert Your Great-At-Something Here]?

Takes two steps to make it happen. Yup… just two.

Step 1. You have to want it more than anyone else. You have to want it more than your friends, your spouse, your grandma, anyone and everyone else! If you need to be motivated or encouraged by an external person (or thing) to be great at the thing YOU chose, then I challenge you whether you really do… be great that is. You can be an ok guitarist. Learn a few chords. Learn a few riffs. Learn a few songs. And that’s totally ok! But you won’t be great unless you want it more than watching Netflix. Or hanging with friends every night. Or waiting for someone to inspire you to practice.

Step 2. You have to put in the time. Yeah. I know. Seems obvious. But this is where many people give up on being great. They give up on being a great golfer because they don’t put in the time. So they become a weekend golfer instead. Which again, is totally ok. They don’t become great at their business because they don’t put in the time to learn and apply everything they can. They don’t become a great guitarist because… you know where I’m going with this. And yes, we’re talking about deep, deliberate practice and pushing yourself to new levels of competence. That’s why most of us, although having put in thousands of hours of driving, haven’t achieved the skills of say… a Formula 1 driver. We haven’t pushed our driving skills to new levels.

Yup. Two steps. Only two… but you know as well as I do, they’re not easy. You might be cringing at these two steps. At the thought of committing so much time and desire to any one thing. BUT… that’s your greatest “competitive” advantage… not your greatest disadvantage. Others, will quit before achieving greatness. But not you. Your “desire, your want, combined with dedicating time to this thing you want to be great at, will separate you from everyone else. Take these two steps and enjoy your citizenship at Greatnessville!

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