Reset Yourself

If you have a dream, I'm guessing it's probably not doing the same thing you're currently doing day to day.

Same thinking produces same results.

Same thinking doesn't take you someplace new in your life.

Time to UnThinQ.

Time to unwrite your current script and even more importantly, unwrite the script that others have written for you.


Know and understand the rules. Use the ones that work for you. Destroy the ones that don't.


Change what you currently know. Give up what you currently have. And just maybe, leave where you currently are.

You may be "stuck" between the old and the new for a while, but keep moving forward toward your dream like a magnet to iron. It takes time. it takes grit. It takes faith.

Begin today.

Ask yourself, "What has to happen for this dream to come true?"

Reset yourself.

Then go do what you want.

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