Nobody Wants a $20 Bill

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Nobody wants a $20 Bill. They want what a $20 bill can purchase.

Nobody wants a new golf club. They want a new golf club can provide: longer drive, straighter shot, lower score, the chance to beat their friends.

Nobody wants life insurance. They want what life insurance can provide: the peace of mind that their loved ones will be provided with food, clothing and shelter in the event that you pass on sooner than expected.

Oh… and you’ll love this. Nobody wants to do business with you. You read that right. Nobody. But hey, nobody wants to do business with me either. What people want from you, me, us, are not the products and services we provide. Uh, uh. They want the expectations of the benefits and experiences that our products and services provide.

So if this is true:

  1. We need to get past our belief that our products and services are the most important things to our customers. They’re not..

  2. If that’s the case, then we need to identify the real value our products and services provide our customers based on THEIR needs and wants.

  3. Once we discover the value our products and services  bring to our customers, we need to promote those values by differentiating between what we think we provide versus what the customers actually want us to provide.

  4. Then, we need to communicate how our products and services either bring enjoyment, solve a problem, help them save time and money,

  5. And finally, we need to make sure that we deliver and fulfill the actual wants and needs of our customers.

Nobody wants to do business with us. Nobody.

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