How To Eliminate Distractions

Give Up Things that Don't Contribute to Your Success

We say we want to improve in time management… which is a good thing in itself. But we need to ask ourselves, “Why?”

I found in the past that when I did find a way to pick up a few “extra” chunks of time here and there, that I quickly replaced them with:

  • More emails

  • More irrelevant calls

  • More saying “yes” to requests

  • More meetings

  • More appointments

  • More… more… more…

I was really no better off than before. I just did MORE of the things that took up my time in the first place. And everything seemed to be an “A” priority!

There are many good systems on how to manage one’s time. But before we organize our calendars and prioritize our task lists, allow me to offer an activity that I use once a week that may help you as well.


In your journal or on a sheet of paper, draw a line down the middle from top to bottom. At the top of left-hand column write “Toxic Activities.” At the top of the right-hand column write, “Do More Of.”

In the “Toxic Activities” column, write down all the things you do (things that may even seem important), that are preventing you from achieving your success or killing (thus the word “toxic”) your current level of success. This might even include meeting with “friends” who lovingly tell you your ideas are stupid. I’d even get real specific here and write the person’s name or persons’ names who suck the energy out of you or make you doubt your capabilities of achieving your goals.

In the “Do More Of” column, write down the things that you are currently doing or should be doing more of. One of them being: “Work on eliminating the items in the ‘Toxic Activities’ column.” This column should now become your daily/weekly Activity List. No need to prioritize any of these just yet. This is just a “brain dump” so that you can see what matters… and what doesn’t!

"Toxic Activities" versus "Do More Of"
Sample Activity

Work on BOTH columns (eliminating and doing more of) and then create your appointment calendars and task lists based on what you’ve identified from this activity. Now you can prioritize which one of these “Do More Of” activities you should be doing first to achieve your desired goals. And keep your “Toxic Activities” handy as a reminder of what you shouldn’t be doing. Eventually… this will become habit, especially as you start experiencing more and more success!

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Enjoy the day and may those extra chunks of time be used to make you happier, live a more fulfilling life, help more people, and nurture and grow that personal or professional relationship!

Change Your ThinQing… Start Now… BE the difference!

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