Don't Worry. You'll Bounce Back!

I often hear people say to someone going through a difficult time: “Don’t worry. You’ll bounce back.”

Merriam-Webster defines the phrase “bounce back” as:

“to return quickly to a normal[emphasis mine] condition

after a difficult situation or event”

And there lies the problem. If I'm going through a difficult situation or event in my life… I DON’T want to return or “bounce back” to a NORMAL condition! I want to learn from that difficult event and if at all possible I want to avoid having to repeat it again!

I don’t want NORMAL.

I want to be BETTER than before.

I want to be STRONGER. WISER. MORE CAPABLE…. than before.

I want to be DIFFERENT than before.

But normal? Definitely not. I don’t want to bounce back.

I want to bounce FORWARD.

I want to bounce OVER.

I want to get past that difficult event and MOVE ON, rather than return to NORMAL.

If you’re going through a rough spell in your life, business, relationship, [insert your difficulty here], learn the lesson from it.

And. Uh. Don’t worry. You’ll bounce PAST IT!

Change Your ThinQing… Start Now… Be the Difference!

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