Buy A Toaster!!

Actual Sign at a Coffee Shop

So, I’m in DC and like most of my life, I’m in dire need of a coffee. I find a local coffee shop that serves among other things, bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and pastries.

As I’m waiting in line, I notice a sign:





Somebody penciled in the “s” to at least let people know it’s more than just one bagel they won’t toast(!!!).

My mind races to a scenario of customer after customer asking to have their bagel(s) toasted, only to be disappointed.

Customer: “Hi. I’ll have a large coffee and a toasted sesame seed bagel please.”

Cashier: “Sorry. We don’t toast bagels.”

Next customer: “I’ll have a small espresso and a wheat bagel. Oh… and can you toast that for me?”

Cashier: Sorry. We don’t toast bagels.”

I imagine this madness happening over and over again until the person in “authority” has had enough. He creates a sign (actual sign pictured) putting an end to the absurd requests these annoying customers are asking! I mean, just because the place sellsbagels doesn’t mean the staff should have to be subjected to such conduct! And who knows? if this foolishness wasn’t stopped immediately, customers could start asking for cream cheese, or having their bagel(s) sliced in half, … or worse!

Here’s an idea dear coffee shop owner/operator. Take a ride to Walmart. Buy a toaster for $10. Bring it back. Plug it in. Take down the sign. And next time a customer asks, “I’d like a large iced coffee and an “everything” bagel… and can I get that toasted?” You can train your employees to say, “I’d be HAPPY to toast that bagel for you. Oh, and we have a delicious salmon cream cheese that would go great with it for only 50 cents more. Should I go ahead and add it to your order?”

Now, not only is there an opportunity to upsell and make more money, but the reality is this… if the sign remains and customers who wanted toasted bagels leave disappointed, well, there are plenty of bagel shops in the area that would be happy to toast the bagels of this coffee shop’s former customers.

What’s the “WE DO NOT…” sign (figuratively or literally) in your business that’s driving your customers away? Does this “sign” eliminate an inconvenience for you and your staff? Or CREATE an inconvenience for your customer? What solution will you find that not only fixes the issue… but may even create an opportunity to bring in new customers, retain existing ones, and make more money?

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