Average is Waiting to Devour You

When business is good….

We just open our doors.

Charge higher prices.

Improve Customer “service” (i.e. automated phone prompts, faster checkout, online ordering, etc.).

People WANT to do business with us.

That’s when “Average” sneaks in. We become so focused on “serving” people that we forget how we became successful in the first place. Which was by ENGANGING with our Customers and centering our business on creating AMAZING Customer EXPERIENCES! NOT faster checkouts or automated phone prompts.

Average almost goes undetected. At first, Average causes us to lose one customer. Pfft. who even notices? Then two… four… nine… and soon revenue and profits start to plunge. In desperation,

We cut prices.

Offer free shipping.

Cut operating costs (operating costs = People).

Create new logos.

Hang new signs.

Meanwhile, Average continues to devour our business.

Stopping Average will take MORE than Average efforts (See how clever I am?). Yup. It’s going to be hard, but well worth the efforts! How?

  • By willing to move from “fixing” and “servicing” to ENGAGING and creating EXPERIENCES again.

  • By personally contacting our loyal Customers and thanking them for their business, while discovering how we can take their experiences to the next level. We don’t want them going elsewhere.

  • By personally contacting Customers who left and asking WHY they left. And what would it take to get them back. Maybe even apologizing. No. Definitely apologizing.

  • By training the People who work for us on what it means to ENGAGE with Customers (HINT: Transactions do not equal Engagement or Experiences. No one is loyal to a business because of Transactions. No one.).

  • And finally, by doing a whole lot of “DO!” As in DO the above and much, much more.

We must not get so caught up in over-analyzing and waiting until we have it just right, that we neglect the DO part.

In a weird way, Average could be our greatest advantage. Because most of our competition, will settle for Average. And Average will devour them until they exist no more.

But not us. Not YOU. Hey, if it was easy, everyone would be…. well… You know how the rest goes.

At UnThinQ, our goal is to eliminate average in business and life. Contact Ted now to find out more. Thanks in advance!


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