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Without Power... it's just a box attached to the outside of my home. Power is what gives it value.
Air Conditioner

The A/C unit attached to our home has no value if it's not connected to power. None. Power gives it value. With power it becomes an important part to my family's comfort and health by regulating the indoor environment to our home. Especially living in South Florida!

My cellphone has no value if the battery dies. None. Without power, it's no longer a cellphone. It's... well... I don't know what it is without power. I really don't. What I do know is that I wouldn't be carrying it around with me everywhere (as in EVERYWHERE) I go.

As I write this, I'm sitting at my favorite coffee shop... it's Starbucks. The barista is having a conversation with a customer. The barista knows where the customer is originally from, where she works, and that her grandson is coming to visit. The customer knows that the barista is moving away at the end of this week and expressed how sad she was to see him go. She jokingly says, "I bought you a Starbucks Gift Card as a going away present."

This exchange is not a sale. It's not a transaction. It's not even "customer service." There's no power in sales, transactions and yes... even service! They don't create loyal customers. They don't create relationships. They don't create value. They have no power!

This isn't the first time I've seen this at Starbucks. I've seen partners (term they use for their employees), clean a customer's car after the customer spilled a Frappuccino in the front seat. All the while another partner in the store made her a new one. Complimentary of course.

I've also seen a Starbucks partner assist a woman with disabilities, confined to a motorized wheel chair, take her drink and pastry order. Oh. I forgot to mention. The woman couldn't speak. She could only make what sounded like a grunting noise while the partner pointed to each coffee item on the menu and each pastry item in the display case. Oh X 2. The partner didn't stop there. She then came from around the counter and fed the woman and helped her with handling and drinking her coffee. That's POWER! Yet... Starbucks is just selling coffee. Right?

I could go on. Really I could. But that's not the point of this article. It's to get you thinking about what the POWER is behind your brand? Your product? Your service? I can tell you. It starts with "P" and ends with "eople." And if that answer is correct, then my next question... no... questions are: What are you doing to keep your best people? How are you investing in your people? How are you finding and hiring the best people? "How do you show your appreciation for them? How do you engage with them?

I'm not going to tell you the answers to those questions in this article. There are tons of books, articles, videos, podcasts, resources, etc... that you can read, watch, and listen to if you really need to learn more about how to be a better manager/person. But. You already know the answers, don't you? The real question is, "What are you doing for your people beyond just knowing the answers?"

People = Power = Value!

Change Your ThinQing. Start Now. Be The Difference!

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