Number of Calls Made in One Day


Number of calls I made in one day trying to land my first film job as a Production Assistant (PA) in Los Angeles.


Number of people who told me "No."


Number of times I felt disappointment, frustration, wanting to give up, feeling sorry for myself.


Number which meant: no career in film.


Number which meant settling for something "other" than what I "really" wanted.


= Plan B (C, D, ...????).



Was also the number of rehearsals I had, crafting my presentation just right for number...


By call 74, I had learned enough of the "lingo" to speak like I knew what I was talking about. Enough to get a response that didn't include the word, "No." It landed me a two day job that paid $50 a day. But the dollar amount didn't matter. It was the foot in the door that I needed to launch a successful career in the film "biz." A career that took me from production assistant, to 2nd Assistant Director (AD), to 1st AD, to production coordinator/manager, to eventually landing gigs as a freelance producer.

You dear reader might be struggling this very moment as you're reading this. You might be at your 73 thinking, "what's the use?" Experiencing the same angst, fear, frustration and disappointment I had. But don't stop. Not now. Not before your 74.

I'm convinced that most people don't fail... they quit too soon.

Robert Bresson, Famous French Film Director wrote, "The greater the success, the closer it verges on failure."

Perhaps it should read, "The greater the success, the closer it VERGED on failure."

Now go make that call. You're ready.

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